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Shining in Crimson: Empire of Blood Book One: 1

Shining in Crimson: Empire of Blood Book One - Robert S. Wilson So my first book of 2012, and it's a great start for the year.Hank seems to have been handed a shit deal for "breaking the law" and sent to Necropolis to face his death. Hank has other ideas that the Empire wasn't made aware of. Toby (Hanks son) is the driving force for Hank to survive and to find a way of out Necropolis (which noone has ever done).Most of the book is reading about Hank and his struggle to get out of Necroplois, along with what is going on while Hank is getting out. There is alot of action going on which was easy to follow, no need for a map to keep up.There was one character in this that made me smile I think more than anyone else and that was Simon and the changes he deals with in the book.Best way I can describe this book is "karma". Looking foward to book #2 already, plan on adding that to my list as soon as possible.